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Elton john i guess thats why they call it the blues greatest hits 19702002 2034 duration. Before reading this with the group, ask them if they have ever heard of the man in the moon. In the first of his new guardians of childhood series, joyce introduces the original guardian, mim, the man in the moon. The dazzling, norman rockwell like, lush coloured images, the dazzling shapes and tongue incheek text add up to a superb picture book. Use our man on the moon circle time activities to help. Bob the man on the moon by simon bartram teaching resources. Zmudas grudgefilled account of the making of man on the moon takes up so much of the books 200 pages that at times the truth, finally feels like a lengthy transcription of a man on the moon. With its bold, quirky illustrations and charming story of a lunar caretaker, simon bartrams man on the moon series has become a modern picture book classic. This website and its content is subject to our terms and conditions. This book is featured in our shoot for the moon collection, a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. But somehow he just cant believe in the existence of aliens.

Its bobs job to entertain the tourists handstands and high moon. Enjoy the stunning artwork simon bartram has become famous for. Worksheets to encourage thinking and investigation. Bobs job is to maintain the moon and he goes about it dutifully and enthusiastically. Presents a typical day in the life of bob, the man on the moon, who rockets to work each morning, cleans up after the astronauts, and performs other duties before returning home for a bath and bed. A beautifully illustrated picture book about an apparently ordinary man, bob, who has an extraordinary job. If you are the publisher or author of this book and feel that.

Simon bartram has created a wonderful retro world in which he mixes the ordinary. Covers a variety of reading and writing exercises and includes extension activities. Great for working on the 3rd person singular and many other literacy situations. Hes the one who goes to the moon every day and keeps it all tidy for the tourists. I couldnt believe my eyes, there he was an old man sitting right there on the moon. Every morning, bob rises at six, has his breakfast and boards his rocket for the daily commute. Bob the man on the moon is adapted from the hugely popular book by simon bartram and retains all the fun and delight of the original bob loves his job. Bob and the moontree mystery by simon bartram is the story of bob, the man on the moon, who also happens to be the worlds most brainy moon expert and his bestever friend, a dog called barry. The fun of simon bartrams big, handsome picture book depends on the juxtaposition of the mudane and the extraordinary, and the clever interplay of text and picture. Official website for simon bartram, bob, man on the moon. He keeps it clean and entertains passing space tourists as well as giving guided tours. Bobs best ever friend alien spotters guide bob and the moontree mystery find out about astronauts and the moon.

A clothbound and slipcased limited edition of william joyces luminous new picture book, the man in the moonhis first picture book in a decade, and the start of a magical new series. See more ideas about space theme, space activities and man on the moon. Guardians of childhood the man in the moon book guardians of childhood books kids books. Man on the moon a day in the life of bob by simon bartram. These are the actual picture books simons written so far. Posts about bob man on the moon written by theliteracyleader. Man on the moon is a must for bedtime reads, for investigating alone, and for sharing constantly. Bobs play and cbeebies the play, which has been written and produced by a company called travelling light and sixth sense has now finished its second tour. Stanley kaufman, andys father, criticized zmudas influence on the film shortly after its release, writing in the form of andy speaking from beyond the grave. He has to make sure that the moon is clean and tidy. A discussion guide to the man in the moon part of the guardians of childhood series by william joyce discussion questions 1. Each day, a lanky bachelor named bob leaves his redbrick townhouse and bicycles to a hilltop launch pad.

This gorgeous package features a linen slipcover and book case, with enlay art and foil stamping. Twenty years in the making, william joyces enchanting new picture book, the man in the moon, is worth the wait. Man on the moon a day in the life of bob by simon bartram this humorous book introduces the young reader to bobs routine existence, which contrasts absurdly with his exotic day job as janitor and tour guide on the moon. You could look for books at the library or click here, here and here.

This is how bob, the man on the moon, begins his day. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Man on the moon a day in the life of bob goodreads. On camera, the character of bob zmuda was played by paul giamatti. Bob is an ordinary man, living on a not so ordinary earth. Man on the moon is a storybook about a man called bob. Buy the book buy man on the moon a day in the life of bob here. Everything you need to run a whole class project about this stunning picture book. Bob the man on the moon is a colourful and energetic picture book, introducing young readers to the character of bob. Tes global ltd is registered in england company no 02017289 with its registered office. Man on the moon, a day in the life of bob by simon bartram.

But there the resemblance finishes, for bobs job is to be the man on the moon. He keeps it clean and tidy and entertains passing tourist spaceships by doing handstands. He exchanges his tweedy threads for a formfitting white jumpsuit with a crescent moon on t. Man on the moon, a day in the life of bob duration. Find man on the moon lesson plans and teaching resources. Whether a book is still in varies from country to country, and we cant offer guidance on whether any speci.

Unit of work using man on the moon as stimulus teaching. He knows almost everything there is to know about the moon but theres something going on behind his back that he hasnt spotted. The man in the moon limited edition book by william. As the story progresses, the humorous narrative tells the reader that of course there are no aliens and that bob is a moon expert, but the illustrations clearly show aliens on each page stealing his cake, hiding in a crater, in the bath tub. Man on the moon is a childrens book by simon bartram, published in 2002. I couldnt believe my eyes, i looked through the telescope that had floated up to me and i saw a little girl looking back. Show the advert on tv, then break into groups to role play each scene. His job is to fly to the moon every day and make sure its nice and tidy, by vacuuming it, obviously. He is a producer and actor, known for man on the moon 1999, the. Bob is a wonderful creation and these books are a feast for a childs imagination. Bob has a very special job he looks after the moon. The earth has become futuristic, it could be seen as a child friendly way into discussing science fiction. Come together with white boards and rewrite each scene together. Bob is an astronaut who commutes to the moon every day in his rocket to prepare for tourist visits.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. You may have already read the first one, bob, man on the moon. Zmuda was also man on the moons coexecutive producer. Christopher eccleston telling a bedtime story on cbeebies. Sitting on a bench, looking all lonely and staring down at earth. Man on the moon man on the moon, book 1 by simon bartram. Simon bartram has illustrated four childrens books, including pumpkin moon, about which publishers weekly said, bartram reinvents. Simon bartrams stories of bob, man on the moon, and his friend barry.

A book that explores bobs life as the man on the moon. Y ou may be looking at this website because youve heard about bob, the man on the moon. Its bobs job to entertain the tourists handstands and high moon jumps are a hit, conduct moon seminars how long does it take to walk. But whos that in the background making faces at him. Its bobs job to entertain the tourists handstands and high moon jumps are a hit, conduct moon seminars how long does it take to walk around the moon on stilts. Bob zmuda was born in 1949 in the usa as robert zmuda. This story takes readers onto a unique journey into bobs life, accompanying bob from the very moment he wakes up. In the second one, bobs bestever friend, bob decides that he would like to find a special friend and thats when we meet barry. Bob the man on the moon is based on the hugely popular awardwinning picture book by simon bartram bob has a very special job looking after the moon. It was chosen as the blue peter book of the year after it was reprinted in paperback in 2004. Home learning early learning man on the moon the man bob books moon book award winning books childrens books activities for kids. Due to its large file size, this book may take longer to download. Man on the moon a day in the life of bob simon bartram story time read aloud for key stage 1 duration. Storytelling with simon bartram bob, the man on the moon.

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