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Tvshowsthe flash season 1 episode 19 watch online free. Throughout the entire episode, wells motivations are. The meta human of the week is hannibal bates, whom we met impersonating a bank employee and robs several safety deposit. Which makes it undeniable that harrison wells is a villain on the flash. On the latest episode of the flash, a shapeshifter causes havoc in central city while joe and cisco go to investigate harrison wells in starling city. While we as an audience know the truth behind that fateful night when thawne killed wells and. List of songs from the flash s1e19 who is harrison wells. Scientist barry allen acquires super speed through a freak accident and becomes known as. When your dad was put away, you were a kid, there wasnt anything you could do. The flash is dcs television adaptation of the comic book of the same name.

Berlanti productions, dc entertainment, warner bros. Realizing another brilliant wells could help track griffins location, barry asks jesse to help. The flash english subtitles subtitles download movie. Series is created by greg berlanti, geoff johns, andrew and the main stars are na. Episode 19 airs tuesday april 21 at 8pm on the cw television network. The flash and his friends are ever so close to learning the truth behind harrison wells, reverseflash, and well, everything, really. Martin and cisco carlos valdes head to starling city. The flash tv 2014, dcu, cisco ramonearth2 harrison harry wells fandom, cisco ramonearth19 harrison hr wells fandom explicit choose not to use archive warnings. Tv show person of empire season 4 download full episodes in hd 720p quality free. Harrison wells at all, and this week on the flash season 1 episode 19 a shapeshifting everyman can change himself into anyone else with a. The flash has released a synopsis of episode 3 from the upcoming season 3, revealing that harrison, and his daughter jesse, will be returning to earth1 in that episode, which will air on october 18. The flash gets help from harrison wells, many of them, this tuesday.

By the end of the hour, the wait pays off with one of the. A metahuman with super strength named griffin grey mistakes harry for earth1 harrison wells and kidnaps him, demanding that wells cure him from his current condition. While in town, cisco meets the black canary, who asks him. In season three, harry approaches team flash to dissuade jesse, now a speedster, from. We wont know for sure how harrison wells makes his way back to central city in season 2 of the flash, but we will begin to find out when the show returns in the fall. Daves the flash recap of season 1 episode 19 who is harrison wells. Autoplay when autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Season 2 of the flash premieres tuesday, october 6 at 8pm7 central. Watch the flash season 1, episode 19 who is harrison wells while joe and cisco take a road trip to starling city to find evidence confirming harrisons guilt, flash deals with eve. While the flash prepares to vanquish the reverseflash, captain cold and heat. The flash episode 19 who is harrison wells top 5 wtf duration. Meanwhile, eddie is framed for a shooting by a shapeshifing metahuman who can take on the appearance of anyone he touches.

Wells underneath it was the flash newcomer matt letscher. By all accounts hes not the man former coworkers held in such high esteem. The flash season 4 episode 17 teases another harrison. At the very end of the episode, harry wells earth2 version of harrison wells takes his thinking cap to the time vault, eobard thawne reverseflash, disguised as earth1 wells used throughout.

The first season of the american television series the flash premiered on the cw on october 7, 2014, and concluded on may 19, 2015, after airing 23 episodes. He runs back home, where joe, cisco, caitlin and eddie are waiting. In the upcoming installment luck be a lady, wells from earth2 aka harry will make his way back to earth1 bearing a message from jesse violett beane to wally keiynan lonsdale. Wells investigation team now includes barry, joe, cisco, eddie, and a reluctant caitlin. The flash season 1 episode 19 who is harrison wells. Review season 1 episode 19 april 22, 2015 despite all the hints and reveals weve gotten in the past few weeks, the flash has left us fairly in the dark on the answer to the question who is. With grant gustin, candice patton, danielle panabaker, rick cosnett. Joe and cisco head to starling city to continue their investigation of dr. The flash season 1 episode 19 who is harrison wells youtube. Since the pilot episode of the flash there has been nothing but mystery surrounding dr. Harrison wells tom cavanagh finally returns in this weeks episode of the flash season 4. Season 4 of arrow debuts wednesday october 7 at 8pm7 central.

Season 1 episode 19 live stream who is harrison wells. Craig byrne in news, spoilers, video april 14, 2015 0 after tonights airing of the flash episode allstar team up, the cw aired a promo for next weeks show. Barry encounters the reverseflash and engages him but is swiftly defeated, with the villain insinuating that he and. Season begins with first episode called pilot, official air date is october 7, 2014. Wells of earth19 is one of several versions of harrison wells in season three who finds the cryptogram sent by harry through the multiverse and expresses interest in aiding team flash. Joe and cisco visit starling city and ask captain lance for help with their investigation into dr. Tuesday nights episode posed the question we have all wanted to know or i have. Earth19 harrison hr wells works archive of our own. Barry combats a new shapeshifting foe, while joe and cisco head to starling city to discover the truth regarding harrison wells.

Barry faces a new foe who can disguise himself as anyone he touches. Last weeks episode of the flash was a bit of a letdownits allstar teamup more of a distraction than anything. As they start to think, joe decides to go with cisco to starling. With another arrow the flash crossoverlike concept, last nights.

Barry allen, black canary, caitlin snow, carlos valdes, cisco ramon, danielle panabaker, grant gustin, harrison wells, joe west, recensione the flash 1x19, recensione who is harrison wells, reverse flash, the flash, the flash recensione, the flash the cw, the flash who is harrison wells. April 26, 2016 griffin grey, a metahuman with super strength, mistakes harry for earth1 harrison wells, kidnaps him and demands that wells cure. That is a question that team flash of course minus wells are attempting to answer throughout this episode while at the same time trying to stop a shape shifting metahuman. Tv episode 2015 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Joe and cisco go to starling city to ask quentin lance for his help investigating the site of harrisons car accident 15 years ago and determining what really happened. Episode 19 is titled who is harrison wells, and will air on 21 april, on the cw. So far actor tom cavanagh has died twice on the flash. Paul blackthorne and katie cassidy from arrow guest star in the nineteenth episode of the flash. Download english subtitles for the flash 2014 1x19. The trailer for season 3, episode 5 of the flash reveals that earth19 harrison wells tom cavanagh is someone team flash shouldnt trust right away. When the flash season 3 will bring harrison wells back.

The flash iris realizes that barry is the flash s1. Season 1 finds barry searching for his mothers killer while his metahuman alter ego, the flash, protects central city from powerful villains. The cw has released 21 promotional photos for the episode, and you can find them below. It wasnt until the episode tricksters that it was revealed that wells is not wells at all, but eobard thawne, a speedster from the future. Success is assured cancelled dc universe show swamp thing finds new life at the cw the flash season 6. This article contains spoilers for the flash season 1, episode 19. Who is harrison wells the flash fights a shapeshifting metahuman, and joe and cisco travel to starling city for another crossover.

Barry cisco finds hidden room of harrison wells, uncovers reverse flash secrets international business times uk. Or, to put it another way, if there were an episode of the flash that took place in starling city and there werent any guest appearances. The first time was in the episode tricksters when we saw the flashbacks of eobard thawne killed the original harrison wells and stole. All audio and video belong to their respective owners. So this weeks episode of the flash begins with barry narratinghe is worried about his past chasing him. We already know the answer to this question, so now its only a matter of waiting for the characters to catch up. Harrison wells is the name of several fictional characters portrayed by tom cavanagh in the. Eric and aaron react to the flash season 1 episode 19 who is harrison wells. Joe and cisco go to starling city to ask quentin lance for his help investigating the site of harrison s car accident 15 years ago and determining what really happened. Wells of earth19 is one of several versions of harrison wells in season three. Barry runs to coast city to get pizza, and contemplates his suspicions, that harrison wells is the reverse flash.

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